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Janeen Salgot

Janeen Salgot, REALTOR®

Janeen Salgot,

Licensed Real Estate Associate

I am Janeen G Salgot, I am married with children and grandchildren, and have a desire to create a legacy for
our children and grandchildren, modeling the importance of always working to reinvent yourself and follow
your passions without limitations personally or professionally.

I recently obtained my Realtor Sales Associate certification and have a Master’s degree in education and
education administration. I have previously worked as a Principal and Area Manager for Head Start with more
than 20 years of customer Service.

What brought me to Florida was our family’s love of vacationing here in the sunshine state, this led us to
purchase two rental properties in Cape Canaveral making us look at our world differently, developing
ourselves as entrepreneurs. We eventually decided to move to Cape Canaveral from Western New York in
2019, at which point I began teaching elementary school, along with helping to run our rental, cleaning &
maintenance business. Over the years, our business has grown to such a level causing me to make a choice
and leave my teaching position to focus more on our business. Along with managing our business, I wanted
something to stimulate my brain while I continued helping people. This drove me naturally to obtain my
realtor’s license.

It is important for me to work for/with someone who has a vision of growth and a mission to expand
business. My prime directive has always been to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I know my
work with MacEvoy Real estate will help me achieve this goal and expand myself personally and
professionally as well as expand MacEvoy’s Real estate services in Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast area.

Our company thrives to respect our customer’s rights to, and provide, the most recent up to date information on properties that are available.